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With the increasing transformation of businesses, digital Cloud has emerged to become the key enabler facilitating this transformation. With the need to stay on track with the changing dynamics of marketplace, businesses need dynamic scalability with their cloud computing solutions.

Futurenet has been an early adopter of cloud technology. Backed by a team of experts we help our clients in choosing the perfect cloud consulting model (Private, Public, and Model), the platform to host their cloud services (Azure, Amazon, or Google App Engine) and enabling data and application migration for a seamless transformation to cloud. Embrace Futurenet to play a vital role in your Cloud transformation.

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Public Cloud

Being the most efficient and recognisable model of cloud computing for many consumers, Public Cloud is operated out of a virtualised environment that is created using shared physical resources and accessible over a public network. Using Public network cloud like Azure, AWS and GCP, we operate using a customer centric approach and ascertain the capabilities of the existing data centre of the client before setting up their infrastructure on the cloud using our CMAS Audit.

Public clouds are used extensively in offerings for private individuals who are less likely to need the level of infrastructure and security offered by private clouds. However, enterprises can utilise public clouds to make their operations significantly more efficient. Public Cloud Solutions are key to the availability and Accessibility of Applications or data that has the business need any time anywhere.

Private Cloud

Private clouds are data centre architectures owned by a single company that provides flexibility, scalability, provisioning, automation and monitoring. The goal of a private cloud is to gain the benefits of cloud architecture without giving up the control of maintaining your own data centre. With the VMware, VCloud and Open Stack applications giving you a customized private cloud that enables a managed, dedicated, secure and scalable environment for mission critical applications.

However, under the private cloud model, the cloud (the pool of resource) is only accessible by a single organisation, therefore providing that organisation with greater control and privacy. A private cloud needs to be looked at as a long term investment, and involves careful selection of the right technology and architecture to ensure optimal performance over a period of time. You could leverage Futurenet’s expertise to build one.

Hybrid Cloud

By using a Hybrid approach, companies can maintain control of an internally managed private cloud while relying on the public cloud as needed. For instance Critical and Non-critical Environment can be split between Public Cloud and On-premise Cloud. This will reduce the risks considerably and ensure a predictable environment.

Hybrid cloud solutions are often considered by organisations as a key component of a business continuity solution where critical data is replicated to a cloud solution in a different location to the primary systems. This provides data insurance in the event of a disaster (natural or technological), minimising downtime and the costs associated with such an event. Understanding this benefit, service providers have streamlined their offerings to easily integrate a business continuity solution into hybrid cloud systems.

Our Implementations Scope

With our presence and expertise in the IT Industry for over 20 years, and the combined strength of our engineering team, our Cloud solutions are state of the art with a human touch enabling seamless transition to cloud operations.

Case Studies

How FutureNet Embraced Possibility and EmPowered its customers through Cloud Consulting.

Building cloud solutions to deliver a comprehensive user experience

Reputed deemed university in southern India, with over 20,000 student was looking for a technology partner to develop an online programme for a Postgraduate study.

Like to know the Solution / Result

Futurenet Solution Designed a Cloud infrastructure a solution involving multiple cloud platforms of VMware(vCloud) & Open Stack and implemented it Formulated and provided a training program for the faculties comprehensively which included Public Cloud like AWS, Azure, Google and Private Cloud like VMware & Open Stack Facilitated course content design with the support of OEM


Solution helped to build a comprehensive course material Created Learning opportunity for Faculties and Students to gain knowledge in both the Cloud platforms

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