Data-Center Intergration


In the emerging business scenario, Data Centers play a very critical role in ensuring a robust IT environment that contributes to business success. Organizations across the globe are constantly on the lookout for expertise in Data Center consulting and commissioning services.

Futurenet offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities, which encompasses Commissioning, De-commissioning of both Captive and collocated Data Centers, Private Cloud (Cloud Drops) and BCP DR Services.

The team at Futurenet comes with extensive experience in consulting and building complex data centers in India and the Middle East in terms of Design, Build and Operate modes.


Futurenet offers across-the-board DC Consulting Services, spanning high-density power and complex architecture.

The parameters that govern Large colocation DCs are

  • A civil structure build, starts from 100K Sq. ft. to 2 mn Sq. ft.
  • An overall power availability from 10 MW to 50 MW
  • Each IT Racks @ 10KW average density
  • A fully redundant Tier 3 capability

1. Data Center Design

A large custom-build DC design basic considerations include:

  1. Defining the size and scale of the DC
  2. Identification of a suitable location, based on certain considerations and measurement.
  3. Identification of the Land
  4. Civil Structure Design
  5. Alternate source of energy
  6. Green Datacenter enablement
  7. Planning fit-out - Single phase or multiple phases
  8. A N+1 Redundancy

2. Data Center Build

Once a design has been arrived at, the design will be broken down to BOQ levels engaging with Vendors for RFIs, RFPs and Contract roll out. A detailed Project Plan with schedule will ensure implementation on time.

3. Data Center Operations

DC Operations is crucial to day-to-day business outcome. The Operations will involve a complex set of auditable processes, that’s aligned to ITSM processes and best practices


Decommissioning a DC of any scale remains a complex affair that generally depends on whether it is a live DC or a sunset DC. A live DC would involve stage by stage procedure and processes to be followed with complete documentation.

Futurenet offers the service of DC Decommissioning, which involves stages of Planning, Decommissioning and Disposition.

  • Planning stage comprises of creating a Budget, assigning a team, detailed scope of work for all processes, safety procedures and stages of removal/disposition.
  • Decommissioning stage firstly include detailed checklists with defined procedures for decommission of Servers, Storage, Network equipments, Electrical & cooling equipments. The Decommission Checklists will be executed for Servers, Storage, Software licenses, Erasing Server Disks after taking backup of Data holistically. This is followed by decommission of appropriate Network, Firewall, Electrical and cooling devices along with cancellation of maintenance and software contracts for all the equipments.
  • Disposition stage would include a decision making whether Asset has to be recovered or disposed/destroyed. The Assets to be disposed of will be disposed or destroyed engaging with a vendor.

In a legacy Data Centre buildout, we consider each component like the Server & Network Racks, Air Conditioning, fire Suppression System requirement in the design. Whereas a modular data center system is a portable method of deploying data Centers capacity.

Modular data center systems consist of purpose-engineered modules and components to offer scalable data center capacity with multiple power and cooling options. With our team of experts and collaborating with partners, we have built Best-in-class Data Centers with bullet proofing the Environment that’s very stable and secure.

Futurenet’s offerings include Modular Data Centers scaling from:

  • Single Rack
  • Dual or Single Row
  • Multi Row


In the modern era where Cloud concept is always seen as a go to option, the Customers who have constraints to keep their Data on Public Cloud, due to security and compliance reasons, Futurenet with over 2 decades of experience came up with its own Private Cloud Concept called Cloud Drops .

Cloud Drops are fully integrated on-premise cloud delivered with its own DC enclosure suited to the requirement. Cloud Drops will use the VMWARE V cloud architecture and managed entirely by Futurenet. Just like any other Cloud technology, this will facilitate elasticity to scale in and out of Futurenet Cloud infrastructure.

Futurenet will consult/design and implement a cost-effective model. Cloud Drops comes in two variants:

  • Cloud Drops Mini
  • Custom Cloud Drop

1. Cloud Drops Mini

It’s designed for small businesses to provide specific applications on a SAAS Model in its own DC enclosure. Futurenet will commission and manage this in terms of monitoring and maintenance.

2. Custom Cloud Drop

This variant is meant for enterprises with more complex requirements, where Futurenet will engage with its PASS AUDIT to understand the as-is state. A robust scalable cloud solution is then provided considering the recoverable and useable existing IT Infrastructure.

Based on the Solution, Custom design and build for the specific needs of the client will be delivered and Managed entirely by Futurenet.


Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan go hand-in-hand in most cases. The BCP provides a roadmap to prepare for and respond to a range of potential emergencies/disasters relating to the people, data and facilities that comprise an organizations business asset.

Futurenet can support from the consulting in the execution and management of the disaster recovery process.

Consultative Approach
  • Drawing out a map of all critical activities essential for continuity of the business
Business Impact Analysis
  • Identifying critical systems, processes, functions and their interdependencies
  • Assess the impacts of incidents and disasters
  • Develop recovery time objectives
DR Plan & BCP Execution
  • Communication of the plan and roles
  • Plan for equipment’s
  • Data continuity & Backup checks
  • Vendor communication
  • Movement of critical resources

Embrace the Futurenet edge to Information security. Each of our information security consulting specialists is committed to performing research, developing solutions, working with clients to solve specific security issues and pioneering new approaches to cyber security.

Case Studies

How FutureNet Embraced Possibility and EmPowered its customers through Information Security.

Improved visibility for Information and Event Management for a leading publishing company.

A renowned publishing company was in the look out for a single centralised server and Security Event Management solutions

Like to know the Solution / Result

Created a centralized log management server by integrating logs from all infrastructure devices along with providing a customized dashboard.


Achieved improved visibility for Information and Event Management.

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