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A successful IT transformation is backed by strong and secured data centres. Data Centre is the heart of any IT Infrastructure and holds the key to provide a stable and predictable IT Environment. Data Centre is the one which hosts all the IT Equipments and seamlessly integrate them to work as one unit to deliver a consistent environment to business. A typical Data Centre will host the most mission critical computing hardware systems like the Physical Servers, Storage boxes with virtualization hosting Active directory and hosting solutions. The need to build a robust and “State of the Art” Data Centre is imperative and Organizations look at expert vendors to build a Data Centre. To build one, it takes longer duration and large investment and will involve a lot of rapid changing technical fields. So, to aid this, decision makers need a strategy partner who would help them to complete end to end solution covering design, planning, deployment, maintenance and operation.

The combination of in depth IT infrastructure knowledge and our extensive service offering make Futurenet an ideal partner for systems integration. Carrying a legacy of over 20 years in keeping abreast of the latest Technologies all along our journey and this expertise has been the key to integrate various components of the IT Infrastructure perfectly without creating much of an impact in the existing Environment.

Our bundle of Services
Data Centre Build Out

We have proven expertise and experience in building Data Centres for our Customers collaborating with best of vendors. We design and build them as per the Global standards from a security and scalability perspective. Every aspect of the data centre buildout is meticulously planned to ensure that peace of mind leaders to focus on their business and not on the minutiae of the build.

We understand our customer’s internal and external data centre systems and assess the needs and requirements throughout the build out process to make the project easier for the client. Data Centre buildout solutions Enterprise Computing Services Virtualization Service Solutions include the legacy Data Centre and the Modular Data Centre. In a legacy Data Centre buildout, we consider each component like the Server & Network Racks, Air Conditioning, fire Suppression System requirement in the design. Whereas a modular data centre system is a portable method of deploying data Centres capacity. Modular data centre systems consist of purpose-engineered modules and components to offer scalable data centre capacity with multiple power and cooling options. With our team of experts and collaborating with partners, we have built Best-in-class Data Centres for SMB segment with bullet proofing the Environment that’s very stable and secure.

Enterprise Computing Services
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In the ever changing IT landscape that keeps a business going, computing hardware has always been the most important component. As digital transformation took the industry by storm, it also did that to the Server technology, which has evolved over time in terms of complexity, power and capacity. The effort to analyse and deeply understand the requirement will be the key to scope it appropriately to arrive at most realistic solution for picking up the right server strategy. To arrive at the right solution, it’s been our constant endeavour to explore all the possibilities keeping the long term business benefits and futuristic needs in mind, to help Customers embrace the cutting edge technology and solutions. The decision depends on the scalability, consistent performance and compatibility with new technologies deriving long term benefits. Our solutions are tailor-made considering all these factors to demonstrate robustness, stability, speed and agility for business sustenance and growth.

With our expertise built over 20 years, we chose the most fitting Server strategy to be aligned to our solutions that derives maximum technology benefit to our Customers. The Server hardware with an operating system is being used in a wide range of server services depending on where you use that in a Business environment such as an Application Server, Mail Server, Virtual Server, File Server, Policy Server and many more. The design of a Server Environment is critical to the efficiency of Applications with their availability and security. The meticulous effort that goes into designing a Server solution will be followed by an impeccable implementation with seamless integration with other systems. Our expertise has been proven in many of our implementations with bullet proofing the environment.


In a typical Customer IT environment where the business operations run with Applications, Database and underlying physical and logical Infrastructure, the need to store and retrieve data becomes the key to business success. Moreover, the business world today is data driven with analytics and business intelligence crafting deeper insights into business dynamics making decisions easier. This mandates the need to explore and embrace the right kind of Storage strategy to ensure data availability and security. While exploring Storage Solutions, it’s not just the robustness and stability, but also the seamless integration, Scalability, Security and compatibility factors that will make it a long standing one.

Futurenet has been providing solutions around the Storage architecture for over 2 decades and the credibility built due to the Vendor agnostic approach bringing Customer’s business interests to the front. The Storage hardware considered is critical to the integration with other components like the Server and Network systems. We collaborate with best of vendor partners like Hitachi, EMC, Dell, HP, etc. to consider and build the best-in-class Storage solutions and ensure flawless implementation justifying the solution.

Hyper Convergence

A typical Data Centre hosts a lot of hardware and integrates them to act as one unit, thus ensuring Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability of every component delivers independently and as a single piece. This has taken more space, effort and maintenance costs for delivering the anticipated value. The innovation and transformation in this segment is about delivering a full infrastructure stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking and security to power any application, at any scale into a single box. This is what has been termed as Hyper converged Infrastructure.

Separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays can be replaced with a single hyper converged solution to create an agile data centre that easily scales with your business, along with building a data environment that is safe and secure. Hyper convergence is an IT framework that combines storage, computing and networking into a single system driven completely by software. Hyper converged infrastructure streamlines deployment, management and scaling of data centre resource. This aids easy Cloud build.

Though this is an emerging and evolving technology, with a few players making their presence felt, Futurenet has always been an early bird to embrace such new technology and partner with the best of vendors to bring those as part of the solutions, thus empowering business to realize maximum technology benefits.

Embrace the power of virtualization in the Modern Workplace
Server Virtualization

Virtualization has been the most valuable innovation that’s part of the IT Infrastructure transformation over the last decade that was a game changer. Basically, Server virtualization is the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers to help maximize your server resources. In server virtualization the resources of the server itself are hidden, or masked, from users, and software is used to divide the physical server into multiple virtual environments. The most salient feature of Server Virtualization is not just about reduced IT costs but creating ECO friendly environment with reduced carbon footprint. So, this has in turn helped overall Data Centre virtualization with consolidation and integration of various components.

Centralise your server management by automating your data centre with our specialised Virtualization solutions with VMware. By consolidating, the server utilization is scaled from as low as 5% to 80%. Along with reducing hardware requirements by a 15:1 ratio, the impact of environment on the IT infrastructure is also lessened. We have partnered with Global leaders like VMWare to provide customized and effective virtualization solutions that has done wonders to the value addition to Customers Business environment. With our experience and expertise built over the years in providing best-in-class solutions to many of our prestigious Customers, which added immense value to their IT Infrastructure alignment to business, is a testimony to our capabilities.

Desktop Virtualization

It’s been a revelation in the virtualization segment for more than a decade now to bring a massive change in the End User Environment providing virtual desktop and application experience. Desktop virtualization is software technology that separates the desktop environment and associated application software from the physical client device that is used to access it.

With the expertise we bring in along with leading partners like VMware and Citrix, the desktop virtualization solutions that we design enable higher efficiency, choice and flexibility to computing. All of this is carried out at a reduced cost of up to 50% and is backed by the promise of your computing services running 30x faster than traditional solutions.

Desktop virtualization solutions help your business increase productivity, enhance security, simplify IT, and reduce costs. The Desktop Virtualized environment can be hosted either On-premises or on Cloud depending on the Company, Domain, Business requirement and availability criteria.

Service Solutions
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In the modern business world, while it’s important to have the right IT Infrastructure in both physical and virtual forms in place, it’s equally important to have the appropriate Operating environment with choosing the right kind of software system with email integration. This is where, the need for one integrated software service that gives complete control and management of the IT Environment. Futurenet with more than 2 decades of experience brings to the table the power of architecting comprehensive Service solutions with Active Directory and Mailing infrastructure.

Active Directory

Central to the challenges facing IT is the management of directories, authentication, authorization, and identity rationalization. With more application and systems getting added to every IT infrastructure, the number of identities that IT must manage and employees must use has been increasing exponentially. This has given rise to the need of creating a central to store and manage information about users and their access privileges to various resources within the Organizational structure, that’s spread across multiple locations with a Single Sign on. Futurenet has partnered with Microsoft Services to design and implement Active Directory services to provide its Customers IT Environment an edge with hassle free administration, performance, stability, security and scalability. The expert team of Futurenet have handled high complexity implementations of Active Directory Services and executed them flawlessly for many of their Small and Medium Enterprises.

Mailing solution design and implementation

Message Integration is one of the key aspects of any business operations and its availability and performance with secure transactions plays a pivotal role in business success. Futurenet has been providing mailing solutions for about a couple of decades now with leading products like Microsoft Exchange and Open Source Zimbra. Utilizing Futurenet’s expertise in the entire engagement lifecycle, from concept through design and implementation to operational running, building custom made emailing solutions using both Individual and shared have always met the customer’s needs and expectations. The key to a successful design and implementation lies in the ability to integrate the Active directory and messaging infrastructure to act as a single unit to derive maximum benefits to business. This has been the forte of Futurenet over the years to provide robust and stable messaging environment for easy collaboration and management. Our implementations of the solutions design have been exemplary with an efficient team of experts that resulted in high performance bullet proof environment.

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Case Studies

How FutureNet Embraced Possibility and EmPowered its customers through Data Centre Integration.

Decreased the RTO by implementing a mailing system

Reputed deemed university were in the need of a mailing solution that would aid in the managing the mailing system

Like to know the Solution / Result

Implemented a Resilient architecture to revamp the messaging infrastructure to address performance related issues


Result Robust and Resilient Infrastructure Uninterrupted Messaging flow All Single Point of Failures eliminated RPO zero and RTO negligible

Enabled centralized management of Data

Reputed deemed university in southern India, with over 20,000 student with a requirement for building and managing their desktop infrastructure and making it available 24 x 7 x 365 to the students, virtually anytime and anywhere

Like to know the Solution / Result

Solutions Designed and implemented VMWare VDI (Horizon) solution with high availability


Results Anytime anywhere access to lab infrastructure for student community Centralized manageability and on-demand scalability Ease of mass roll outs of applications Tangible reduction in TCO Enhanced student experience

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