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Unlock the true potential of your data!

Every business function and business decision has become database and data dependent. Availability of data and database support is critical to the functioning of Business Critical Applications in order to keep pace with the competitive nature of marketplace. The Futurenet Database Service offers a complete package of Consulting, Integration and Support services in a Managed Services model over popular databases in both Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure. With an expert engineering team that offers credible support in analyses and diagnosing flexibility, reliability, Security, Performance and High Availability of the databases, your database becomes our problem to solve!

Expertise in creating an agile data environment

Our team of certified DBAs ensures efficient management and optimal performance across database management environments of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases. Our capability to look at your Database Infrastructure holistically and embrace all possibilities to make it fit perfectly into the fabric of Applications and underlying Infrastructure ensuring a Stable, Scalable and robust Business Environment.

Scope of Services

Database Audit & Remediation

Design & Architecting Solutions

Cloud Readiness Assessment & Migration

Database High Availability/DR


Installation & Configuration

Virtualization & Consolidation

Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions

Database Upgration

Migration to Cloud

Managed Services

Database Monitoring Services

Maintenance & Break fix

Performance Monitoring & Tuning

Patch Management

SLA Governed 24/7 Support

With the breadth of experience that our team brings in, our clients also derive a holistic approach in support services through which they can embrace more business opportunities. A proactive and reactive approach is undertaken by the team, ensuring not just support but also preventive care that is required for any future action is carried out. Round the clock support is a key strength that Futurenet offers along with meeting critical needs at the time of necessity.

Value Proposition
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximizing ROI
Assisted by a team of experts
Increased Performance and Scalability
Focus on Innovation
Strong Service Level Agreements Management
24*7 monitoring and support services

Futurenet always aims at identifying and understanding business problems, creating tailor made data driven solutions that are not just innovative, cost effective but also contribute towards embracing newer possibilities in business.

Case Studies

How FutureNet Embraced Possibility and EmPowered its customers through Database Services.

Effective database solution implementation bringing down standby time by 90%

Industrial and Automotive products manufacturer with high availability requirement for the hospital information system and clinical databases need maximum availability to aid operations.

Like to know the Solution / Result

This warranted our expertise in performance tuning for the high level transactions and implementing an automated and controlled solution cutting across function.


Maximum level of availability has been achieved by implementing a two level of standby databases.

Built a Robust Infrastructure resulting in 30% reduction in OPEX costs

A global leader in manufacturing critical components required a cost effective centralized integration system to manage multiple end point devices across locations.

Like to know the Solution / Result

Designed and implemented a Centralized Active Directory and Zimbra Open Source Mailing Infrastructure over VMWare along with consolidating multiple Email Domains into a Single Domain.


Robust and Resilient Infrastructure resulting in 30% reduction in CAPEX & OPEX costs resulting in centralized control & reduced risks.

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