Document Management System

Data Management Simplified

Entrepreneurial content gets stored at multiple data storage points - USBs, Laptops, emails, drives and many more. Data that is stuck in a silo is more than often a drain on productivity and efficiency. This also increases the risk of security threat and infringement. With the business environment getting digital by the day, it also resulted in increased risk of data theft, server getting hacked and more. It has become critical for organization to ensure that data is stored collectively in an accessible, safe and shareable system.

In an Enterprise, small or large, the efficient functioning of the Business operations and success depends a lot on the structured manner in which the Information is stored, accessed and retrieved. Data could be in the form of Document, Records, Web Content and Email Archive, which are critical to Business. On the one hand, Data confidentiality needs to be maintained and on the other, the availability and security become the key. To achieve these, Organization of Data plays a major role in ensuring that the data is available and only authorized people have access to it. Data Collaboration and a workflow mechanism will do wonders to the business outcome. This calls for a specialized tool to manage the show and the expertise of Futurenet to implement it.

Modern, Open and Integrated Content Management

With Futurenet’s adoption of Alfresco, Document Management is made easier and seamless. Every document including all important legal papers, contracts and documents are stored structurally in a safe and secure manner. Alfresco enables to build a transformative, highly scalable, open, easy to use the platform. The uniqueness of Alfresco is its ability to work as a cloud-native platform takes it ahead of the competition. Comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities allow users to find, view, collaborate on and securely share digital content, both within and outside enterprise boundaries. Adding context to your content supports better decision making, improves productivity, enhances information governance and makes collaborating inside and outside your organization easier and more secure than ever.

This system ensures the right content flows into the right person, at the right time and into the right application.

Bundle of Services
The Futurenet Approach
Integrate business process
  • Metadata models for documents automatically through a business process
  • Built-in workflows
  • Automated rules triggering folder action
Secure Entrepreneurial Data
  • Multiple layers of access permissions
  • Simplified document tracking, avoiding loss of data
  • Simple, automated records management
Accessible always
  • Instant search option
  • Smart discovery with Smart folders
  • Mobile access enabling work from anywhere

Empower your business with Organized, Secure and always accessible information by embracing Futurenet’s Document Management Solution, thus ensuring the right content flows into the right person, at the right time and into the right application

Case Studies

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One of the India’s best Industrial and Automotive products manufacturer needed our expertise with managing their critical assets.

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Suggested & Implemented Alfresco for controlled and secured document management.


Enhanced operational efficiency by reducing time to create, review, approve and critical documents.

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