Remote Infrastructure Management

Keep pace with changing business needs with remote infrastructure management!

Major portions of IT Spends go out to IT Infrastructure management. Adding value to this expenditure by ensuring they are managed and utilized optimally, along with saving costs have become key to every business. Embrace and Experience the world of Futurenet’s 24*7 Global support Services with expertise cutting across various technologies and tools to bring immense value to the table.

Futurenet’s Gamut of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Services is here to act as a single source catering to a wide range of IT needs across industries and businesses. Every worry about outsourcing infrastructure management is met with our end to end services that operate round the clock, providing optimal efficiency across functions. A diverse skill set that we bring along increases the flexibility of responding to your ever-changing business needs.

Our Gamut of Services
Data Centre Services Cloud Services Message Integration Domain Services Technical Support Subscription
Stay a step ahead of times!

The Futurenet RIM Service gives you the added edge to stay ahead of times, by focusing on the core of your business and stay worry-free about your IT landscape. With our support system functioning 24*7*365, our services are characterized by a strong SLA driven Managed Services Model of Monitor, Maintain and Break fix. With our Services aligned with ITIL framework, our clients are ensured business continuity and lowered cost of ownership along with high performance team delivering from our premises.

The Futurenet Approach to RIM
Due-diligence & Transition
  • Assessment of existing IT Infrastructure with methodical data collection and validation.
  • Ascertain the Scope of Work and acquisition of complete Environment with documentation and onboarding
  • Identification of Critical Environment and risks are being captured with Mitigation plan
  • Bullet proofing the IT Infrastructure ensuring all the gaps are addressed.
  • ITSM based Service Delivery Framework
  • Best practices and robust processes adoption
  • Continuous Service Improvements and Innovation
Choose Remote for Enhanced Productivity!

With an expert and experienced team we take ownership of your IT services and ensure flexible and secured operations without having to worry about security breach or data theft.

Case Studies

How FutureNet Embraced Possibility and EmPowered its customers through Remote Infrastructure Management.

Delivered centralised control and reduced OpEx by 30%

A leading drilling operations and production company in the look out for a partner to outsource their IT Infrastructure to Monitor, Maintain and Break-Fix the same.

Like to know the Solution / Result

Covers 107 EPOs and Monitored, Maintained and Break-Fixed IT environment remotely through a fixed SLA.


Achieved enhanced environment Stability Achieved through 9 x 5 model to 24 x 7 support system model, along with reducing OpEx by 30%

Be EmPowered. Stay EmPowered

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